A Leap crossing the River Elbe

Today I stood in the Fährstrasse, by the former Wilhelmsburg ferry terminal – from there one sees the current centrum, the Michel, the television tower and can estimate how short the jump over the Elbe could be!

If one compares the Alster shore to the Ernst – August – channel in Wilhelsburg, in both places one sees the long branches of the weeping willows reaching for the waters surface.

I want to realise my leap over the Elbe with sensuous persuasive power in order to put her optically into scene. The idea- to build a bridge from Baumwall to Harburg in other words Wilhelmsburg. Due to the river being the natural connection between the centre and the southern parts of the city this works no where better than on the Elbe. Along with some students from two schools- the Kirchendorf Comprehensive School in Wilhelmsburg and the Rudolf-Roß Comprehensive School on Neustädter Street, I take a little boat ride. During this journey about 15 of the students aged between 14-16 answered my questions about their feelings about their city, its feeling of home and their wishes to jump over the Elbe.

It is a journey on the Elbe, the old travel connections through the Reiherstieg, passing both companies and working people on either side, along Wilhelmsburg up to the old Harbug dock. The warehouse dock A along with the Mediaport and Hafencity is both the starting and termination point of my trip along the Elbe.

Authority for urban development and environment Hamburg