Castles in the air

scenery dreams in Schleswig – Holstein

My first photo was that of the ducks on the court pond in Augustenhof by Gettorf. This is where I grew up. Back then the aerial perspective was that of the hight of a working horse which I was aloud to ride to the trough. I would walk along a hedge to get to school– to go stalking excitingly – to plumb distances, to find a scenery which already held dreamy pathways for me and my imagination. Watercourses became ditches and transformed into cloudy faces. Rose hips looked like dwarfs and the summery snowballs blew in the sky.

I re-found this mental reality – in the air – with the joy in finding ever new perspectives. The fear of flying that overcomes me time and time again is forgotten with the camera before my eyes.Thus I discovered graphics, a scenery – clear and rounded or formed into squiggles that have been left behind by both nature and man. To me – a present, a daring pattern and the earth suddenly has a new meaning – it is a picture which in its perfection provides something new.

It is suddenly within reach – through the long lens I see such imperial facets in the air, so much so that they can leave one breathless. If it doesn’t shake too much – up there, however, nothing at all goes except taking a deep breath.

As a speed I need to reach at least 1-5oo tel. seconds for me to be able to lean out of the window, the thermionics can not be too big either, otherwise due to the huge wind pressure the camera lens would fog up. I set the focus over and over again anew by hand but even here the wind pressure does its job to shift it. Thus I have flown through different dimensions and seasons, mostly in a Cessna 175 hanging from the window at 150-metres.

This is the permissible distance, from which my Camera lens can stalk along the earth’s surface. To see and to take up – idea and implementation – to me has somehow become one, it goes incredibly fast and then my picture is over. From this persecutive there originates a fully new cutting with which I live and breath and thus make it my own. By this height I believe the sky to be very close, I become a tiny part in the universe. Up there nothing seems as important, you suddenly perceive another skin – another head – everything becomes small in consideration of the beauty and width of this sky over Schleswig – Holstein.

This is my heavenly perspective – it is worthwhile… to leave, so to arrive again.