Church Parish

The medium of Photography has very different facets.

I found a desire to see a superelevation in light and shade. Light, shade and also the form are a starting points of my reflections. To underline this, I use a special foil for this work, with a light-permeable mother-of-pearl shimmer.

Shades and patterns – whether in a museum or in the nature reserve Hambroich – in Kiel or in Eckernförde – reproducing beams of light align, which according to their intensity and the time of day bring forward a change in one and the same colour. Middle colours originate which belong to the ease and liveliness of the general view and colouring.

My church desire is colourful and is sometimes also black-and-white. Forms and figures, a church window, a “view and examination“ show colour, nonetheless to me the sculptures on the house walls become black and white apostles.

My pictures should give space. Space for people and her thoughts.