Exhibitions Overview

“Church Lust”
Monastery in the City Kiel
24.August - 30.August 2003

Kunsthaus Ausstellung Baummenschen für die Hafencity Hamburg 2003 (Gruppenausstellung)
September 2003
Kunsthaus Hamburg

“Harbor to see (with Elise on the River Elbe)”
May - July 2004
Goethe-Institute Inter Nationes
Chicago, USA

“Light lust Trouvaillen”
June - August 2005
St. Johannis Church,Harvestehude

“Hafen City Harbour- on the river Elbe with Elise”
October 2005
Osaka, Japan Goethe Institute

“By the water”
Abaton cinema, Hamburg
May - October 2006
Abaton cinema, Hamburg

“Head to Head in Willitown”
Elb Festival within the IBA July 2007
July 2007
Hamburg Wilhelmsburg

“Talmud Tora Schule”
October 2008
Cafe Leonar, Hamburg

Goethe Institute“Women for Women”
Uncle Ho and the strong women of Vietnam Filmography + Photography
12 April 2011 - 30 June 2011
Goethe Institute Hamburg.

“Hafen City Harbour, with Elise on the river Elbe”
26 June 2011 - 26 September 2011
Leibers Gallery Hotel Dersau, Schleswig- Holstein

“One Day Germany”
May 2013

“Scrap Art”
Exhibition Estate Kletkamp
August 2013

“Talmud Tora School Hamburg”
Between yesterday and tomorrow
3 November 2013 - 2 February 2014
Jewish Museum Rendsburg

In the frame of the Schleswig-Holstein music festival
16.07.2016 - 17.08.2016
at the Rantzaus on estate Pronstorf (Segeberg)