mit Elise auf der Elbe

The River Elbe – is she a mother, muse, a mediator, a myth?

She has originated from the confluence of numerous water veins in Czechoslovakia and there is a distance of 1165 km till the open sea.

My photographic works are a declaration of love to the Elbe and the harbour. The extreme colours – the strong light contrasts – rattling the riveting hammers, the shouts of the Möven and the sudden doing – signals of the Bugsierschlepper, as well as the restlessness of the longboats in the stream, generate the certainty with closed eyes: here I am in Hamburg.

Grown up in the country on the Baltic Sea with high sky, I came on detours to this town. A triangular hatch from which I could see on the Elbe had my first Butze.

This was the beginning of my love to the Elbe of Hamburg which I may smell and hear, an odour mixture of water, sludge, rope’s work and oil remains.

Waters and air – this are my subjects and contents of my artistic discussion.

To ship water and the luck, with the longboat ELISE – date of birth 1911-by the Hamburg harbour, which joy, with the camera for seeing and rediscovering on the Elbe to be driven.

1 metre about the sea level lies the Elbe – a little bit higher there lie my eyes – this is the perspective of the very coloured admissions from the Hamburg harbour.

“HarborToSee with Elise on the River Elbe”,Goethe institute – Chicago – the USA, Osaka – Japan, Land house of the CDU – Hamburg – Germany

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