Heads in Wiiiamstown


The comprehensive school Kirchdorf South forms a project class with approximately 20 students, it is year 10 with their teacher Olaf Ghent and the initiator Gisela Floto. An installation of heads and figures chiselled from concrete request a discussion. The creativity of the youngsters and the consciousness of own skill and wish is actively moved by this project. The interest from the outside and the photographic and cinematic conversion is also important.


The authenticity which comes from the outside. After the artistic discussion with the material, the project generates a special use for the partners and the viewers equally: Integration becomes handy, visible and with it specifically by the physical presence of the installation. Starting point for the students: What connects me with Wilhelmsburg the island in the Elbe a social biotope, can my part of town, that I feel negatively about- also be positive.

I give my socialisation in form. People specific types, heads in my surroundings, an exploratory expedition in Wilhelmsburg.