Kletkamp 2013

Myths tell of the origin of the world, of becoming and passing away in nature,

From the face behind the face.

 The story speaks of a timeless appearing present and tells of the interrelationships of the world in their respective existences. The myths that emerge from the natural world contain rational not provable statements about a place of cult, a legend, or spirit, and yet a truth claims to them.

These myths move between legend and truth, between today and yesterday. My natural reflections are supposed to actively confront the viewer with mythological images, such as masks, scarecrows and witches.

Mask, larva, witch with an artificially hollow face for concealing one’s own face are symbols of deceptive illusion.

Masks are ghosts – through clothing, I can even become a new being. Masks and larvae are inventions of the Greeks. They can be traced back to serious traditions with their joyous festivals. Bacchus also wore a mask, disguise increased the pleasure.

Myth and truth conceal themselves in scarecrows in the countryside – they are to be frightened to leave fresh greenery in the fields not to the birds or root dwarfs – a skurful appearance, a human-like structure, which guard its field. At times they surprise, are weird, these white, black and colorful fluttering rags on the field.

In nature, through light and shade, through wind and rain, every bush and tree becomes a pliable figure. Ghosts, witch wizards move like dervishes through the undergrowth, fluttering and whirring through twigs and grasses.

 What is truth – what is myth? Who is the scarecrow, who is behind the mask?

Ghosts, witches and wizards, they not only frighten birds.

They wear the clothes of the people and thus – also a piece of their soul.