With the project of “LichtlustTrouvaillen” I occupied myself with the subject of Nature and Environment. “Lost by chance and discovered again“ in the unusual January light I try to discover the beaches of the North and Baltic Sea. Here stronger still than with my impressionistic scenery admissions from the air, the light has influence on the pictures statement.

Gisela Floto creates “Lichtbilder” after her own characterisation, the camera is the only technical aid to the representation of the relation between observing individuals, the by chance findings of beaches and tides and the never ending interplay between light and wind. Only superficially the motive choice seems to be accidental, only the picture object is found.

However, the impressionistic character of many admissions originates only from the conversion of the internal picture under the decisive impression of light and shade. Reality does not interest any more in her objective existence, but becomes with the admissions of the Trouvaillen a perceptional phenomenon understood in the continual change.

Gisela Floto is a photographer who follows an internal dialogue which walks at the head of the conversion up to the finished photograph. The photographs expression is also determined by the understanding for aesthetic categories.

Her pictures stimulate the contemplative consideration because the relation between static and moved picture elements is understood as continual change

(L. K. V)

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