The Medium of photography has many different facets. Photographers use their bodies as available models, as pieces of art – a reflection of their own means.

I am a “ Women with a shadow”. These feelings of shadows are not a journey into an imaginary shadow world. It is a diary of the conversations with my shadow, whom I know, yet always rediscover.

My pictures should give one space- space for the people and their thoughts- small picture stories that should inspire questions amongst their viewers. Light, shadow and also the form are exit points of my reflections. With precision I expose myself to the light thus giving my body a natural shadow. It practically jumps at me. As a Light Woman I see the figure made of rays of light and give her form, only the outer figure, my outline- the matter as a base and substances of the body momentarily receives a new surface.

In my eyes the facts discover a new kind of sensuality with new context on a living thing like a tree. Even the stone as a symbol of hardness excites me- to soften this material cover. This aesthetic of artistic creations obtains a new shape and thus the material becomes a new conceptual being. Particularly, as in this case, where the remains of a Torpendoversuchsanwstalt bunker from the seconds world war is contoured in a colour play of rocks.

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