Talmud-Tora-Schule Hamburg / Josef Carlebach School

To me the Talmud Tora School has an essence of something silent, a silent secret.

For many years now I have walked over the adjoining Carlebach place on which the former synagogue stood. Above the entrance of the school it reads 1911 – 1939 Talmud Tora – secondary school.

In my imagination I saw bright girls running through the rooms.

In 2004 the idea had already originated to worship the spirits of the rooms of the Talmud Tora School. Young girls in white dresses accompanied me running through the rooms and over stairwells, it is a call to the present – to the imagination and to consciousness, to move in a special school.

How much past does the future need (Hobsbawn). With the children of the Carlebach School we have arrived at the present and future of the Talmud Tora School.


video to the exhibition