Talmud-Tora-Schule Hamburg

Josef Carlebach Schule

Above the entrance of the school it reads 1911 – 1939 Talmud Tora – secondary school. In my imagination I saw bright girls running through the rooms – I know now that in 1934 the first high-school graduates passed their exam here. The Talmud Tora School has been returned by the city of Hamburg in 2004 to the Jewish municipality in Hamburg. On the 30.3. 2005 the 200 year jubilee took place, with invitations going out to former students of the TTS.

The reactions of the “former” deeply touched me, as they made very personal photos and reports available to me. This so frank and positive reaction has encouraged me once again in my plans to show the spirits of the rooms of the Talmud Tora School to other people here in Hamburg, particularly with the documents from the time before 1940.