The Old Dance


The director Jacqueline Kornmüller put an unusual theatrical project on its legs in the Deutsche Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.

She worked with and for people from the age of 65 who, in the “dance of the old people“ so the working title, entrust – trust her. I accompanied the projects rehearsals with the camera from the first day.

A conversation therapy of large frame – on subjects like love and security, sex at that age, experiences during childhood, with the parents and the family. Formative stories about life from the age of three – some could remember their mother, their school, to their first love. Everybody has their own lifestyles, sometimes also traumas, nonetheless it is shared with the others through the openness of the group. Everybody says ‘du’ to one another as they practices playfully calling each other by their first names over and over again, the director also creates connections through the use of a turquoise coloured, soft ball. A request through movement, looks – mostly without language – to produce nearness and a sense of community.

Heinrich – the farmer, Marianne the teacher, Herta, or Ev who so much wants to fly and Brigitta who practiced ballet and freestyle from the age of five.

During the rehearsal Uli Bühl – the composer – takes up the tone. Today this work “The old dance“ lays sense and great hope to a bright light in an outdated society.