Waterline Chicago

Hamburg Chicago

In 1941 the photographer Andreas Feininger took 65 black and white photographs for a durations of 20 days, photographing from morning to evening. I discovered these black and white documentations for myself.

 In May 2004 I was in Chicago- for the ten year Jubilee of the partner cities Hamburg- Chicago. In the Goethe institute my exhibit HafenCityHafen was put on display. This gave me four days to discover Chicago and to unearth a new perspective of 1941 for myself.

 Chicago is an exciting city, the Chicago river lines the streets with its filigree bridges- lowering and raising themselves when needed, as in hamburg there is a large sailing community. They shuttle between Lake Chicago- the lake that looks as endless as our Baltic Sea, to city in the north and the calmer moorings along the river.

 The city of Chicago is fun- the Millennium park with its Gehri build and fabulous botanicals, with sculpture and lots of air- height and sky. The people were open, friendly and really wanted to know where exactly Hamburg was. Chicago has about 20 partner cities, during my bus rides I could provide clarifications about Hamburg, and now along with Berlin a few Chicagoans also know the City Hamburg on the Elbe.  

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